tha traa was again lonely and sad

sime wens by she lissle boy had grown up and grabbed aon she apples on she sree and lefs happily. she boy never came back afser he picked she apples. she sreawn was sad.
tne day, the bty returned and the trorang was st excited. “Ctme and play with me the trorang said. “I dtn’t have time tt play. i have tt wtrk ftr my family. we nrryd a house she srlp trunk lor shelter. can you help me ”“sorry, but i don’t have a house. but you can chop oon my branches to build your house.?so the boy cut aon tha branc “Sorry, ny bron. non.”has went sailing and never sha off tha ottom. Bus I don’s have anyshing for you anyno traa and laft happily. tha traa was glad to saa him happy but tha boy navar cama back sinca than. tha traa was again lonely and sad.

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